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DownToForit X's Septacular September episode!

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Posted on 30 Sep 2014 by Prime
Gauntlet (Steam)

Click on the review thumbnail for the full image! Enjoy!

Posted on 30 Sep 2014 by Prime
DESTINY (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Yo guys, I finally managed to get Destiny reviewed! Click on each thumbnail for the full size image! Such a big game needs 3 whole pages of content! O_o

Posted on 29 Sep 2014 by Prime
The DownToForit X Archives!
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Okay, so I began to notice that our RSS feed is overwriting the oldest episodes with the newest ones - and since The DownToForit X Podcast is timeless and without age, I thought it prudent to have an archive of all the episodes up here for direct download. This post will be updated with each new episode we release. So without further ado, DownToForit X by each category:

DownToForit X:
- Season 1 -
Episode 1: The Beginnings of the Greatest Podcast Ever!
Episode 2: Peter Molyneux's Insides
Episode 3: The Clovenstone Games Convention
Episode 4: The Fourth Edition
Episode 5: Street Fister!!!
Episode 6: The Late Edition
Episode 7: The Solar Flare Edition
Episode 8: The Moonless Edition
Episode 9: Episode IX

- Season 2 -

Computer Beeps:
Episode 1: Welcome to Computer Beeps!
Episode 2: Speak with a Pirate Day
Episode 4: The Keys to the PS3!
Episode 5: Death by Anonymity
Episode 6: The Festival of the Damned
Episode 7: A Million Million Spectrums
Episode 8: The Computer Beeps Adventures
Episode 9: PlayStation 3 Exclusives
Episode 10: The OTHER Friend >_>

QuickTime Events (QTEs):
Episode 1: PSNation in a Nutshell
Episode 2: MTV Cribs: Peter Molyneux
Episode 3: A Box vs an Ox
Episode 4: Trickman Terry's Secret Place
Episode 7: From the Future!
Episode 5: Under the Trauma Center Knife
Episode 6: Hello MGC! PS4 Exclusive Informations!
Episode 8: E3 2014!

Computer Beeps: The Japan Chronicles

Regular Episodes (chatty/conversation):
Episode 1: GWPTY 2010
Episode 2: The NEGACAST Episode -1
Episode 3: The NEGACAST Episode -2
Episode 4: The NEGACAST Episode -3
Episode 5: VG Game Awards 1/2
Episode 6: VG Game Awards 2/2
Episode 7: GWPTY 2013 1/4
Episode 8: GWPTY 2013 2/4
Episode 9: GWPLY 2013 3/4
Episode 10: GWPLY 2013 4/4
Episode 11: Ultra April
Episode 12: Manic May
Episode 13: Jumpin' June
Episode 14: Gelatinous July
Episode 15: Goldgust

We hope you enjoy these episodes as much as we enjoyed making them!
Posted on 23 Sep 2014 by Prime
Disgaea 5!
Disgaea 5!

So at Tokyo Game Show 2014 Nippin Ichi Software announced the new Disgaea 5 for PS4!

As you are all probably aware, I am very excited by this prospect!

They've apparently extended the characters on screen limit from 10 to 100! A whopping TEN TIMES MORE characters are able to be on screen at once!

Here's a trailer! Via GUGamingUniverse

and also a gameplay trailer Via PS Site

WWWWOOOOOOOO!!!!! Disgaea!
Posted on 19 Sep 2014 by Prime

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