Guilty Gear Xrd - December 16th (US/PSN)
So guys, the long wait is finally over. Guilty Gear Xrd is being released on the US PSN on Tuesday the 16th of December. I'm in lowly Europe, so we don't get any word about when the game will be released here for another 25 billion years. But hey, I decided to resurrect my US account to grab the game early (early for Europe, at least.) - I've been waiting for this game since it's announcement back in May 2013.

I've actually been waiting on a legit new entry to Guilty Gear since 2004, but I'm digressing here. Guilty Gear has been my fave fighting game series since it first came out in 1998 on PS1 thanks to the heavy metal soundtracks and insane level of gameplay depth. The character designs and world they're in is completely awesome in every regard too.

We should take a look back at the game's trailers in anticipation of the game's English release on Tuesday!


Who's with me? I'm no pro at fighting games, but I NEED this game. I need to play it as soon as I can, anyone out there who wants to add me to PSN for a fight, please do. My PSN is "Primebuster". I'll be playing the game on PS4 - Whether I win or lose I know I'm going to thoroughly enjoy this game.

Posted on 14 Dec 2014 by Prime
D2FX - NO! It's November!!!!
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Heya folks! How's it goin?! It's terrible here in DownToForit X. November is the month of tragedy! Loads of bad things happen in November every year, like World War 4 and ducks just dying and falling from the sky. November's rain is just pretty much ducks. November is a bad month. BAD. Thank goodness it's nearly December, known primarily as the month of lava. Total party month!

But enough of that, we struggled through November and made you guys a show anyway! In this month's talky podcast RayG succumbs to Eldritch horrors while Prime laments the decisions of a mad genius... We also had fun playing games! Why not join us?

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And don't forget to check out our Binding of Isaac Rebirth thread for cool seeds and share your stories and gameplay videos!

Cya guys next month WOOOO! ©DECENT DECEMBER!™

Prime and RayG
Posted on 29 Nov 2014 by Prime
Destiny: The Dark Below

As you all know, I really did enjoy the base game, but one thing it was missing was content. Obviously this is going to at least alleviate that problem somewhat.

Posted on 24 Nov 2014 by Prime
Love Persona? Have 3DS?
Then this is for you, courtesy of AtlusUSA

Posted on 18 Nov 2014 by Prime
"Metacritic All But Obsolete"
Metacritic All But Obsolete - Via

Hey guys, I seen this headline and immediately cheered. Metacritic has been a cancer in the industry for a while now and you know what? So has games journalism in general. It's no surprise there's been tons of accounts of people being paid to positively review a game - after all, people will do anything for money.

I review games, what am I trying to say?

Well, I for one applaud Double Fine for their stance on it all. As a reviewer, I like to review games. Getting something through the door that's new that I may or may not have been excited for is always something I just plain enjoy. But knowing that reviewers and metacritic especially isn't the driving force behind purchases is definitely the best way to proceed. I like having 2 cents to give, but in the end I would always prefer the reader wouldn't even listen to me. I'd rather they went out and experienced a game for themselves.

Now there are extremes here at play too - if a game is genuinely broken and unpolished like Aliens Colonial Marines then it would be wrong NOT to try and tell the world to avoid it like the plague. On the other hand, fantastic games like the new Devil May Cry (DmC) deserve worldwide attention. In the end though it all boils down to even if you read my review, even if I was so hatefully negative or diabetically cheery and positive, please don't take my word for it. See for yourself.

The best thing that can happen is that no reviewers exist and people make up their minds themselves. Now obviously if you're strapped for cash and dont want to jump in the deep end only find out the game's not for you then by all means read on it, study up on the game in question and see what the general consensus is.

There will always be a place for reviewers, but I'm so glad that streaming on places like twitch and free weekend events on steam for example are there to give people peace of mind in deciding to purchase. I may end up stopping reviews entirely in favour of streaming and giving people a look at games rather than just reading what I have to say.

Have a good one!

Posted on 14 Nov 2014 by Prime

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