Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
A standalone prequel to The New Order is coming out! Wow!

Bethesda, a ZeniMax Media company, today announced Wolfenstein®: The Old Blood™, the standalone prequel to the critically-acclaimed first-person action-adventure shooter, Wolfenstein®: The New Order™. In development at MachineGames, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood will be available digitally and in retail for £14.99 / €19.99 / AUD$39.95 from May 5, 2015 for the PlayStation®4 system and PC, and digital only for the Xbox One®, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft.

The year is 1946 and the Nazis are on the brink of winning World War II. In an effort to turn the tide in the Allies’ favour, B.J. Blazkowicz must embark on an epic, two-part mission deep within Bavaria. Part one of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - Rudi Jäger and the Den of Wolves - pits BJ Blazkowicz against a maniacal prison warden as he breaks into Castle Wolfenstein in an attempt to steal the coordinates to General Deathshead’s compound. In part two – The Dark Secrets of Helga Von Schabbs – our hero's search for the coordinates leads him to the city of Wulfburg where an obsessed Nazi archaeologist is exhuming mysterious artefacts that threaten to unleash a dark and ancient power.
Posted on 04 Mar 2015 by Prime
Mad Max Boxart and Preorder Bonuses!
You guys like Mad Max? Well there's an open world action game coming out if you didn't know! Here's the Boxart and preorder bonus reveals!

Woo! Mad Max! He's MAAAAD, he's MENTAL!

Posted on 03 Mar 2015 by Prime
Apologies for the lack of updates!
Hey guys, Prime here. I'm very sorry I haven't been updating the site recently. Me and RayG have been working on a VG Game Awards show and we're hoping to get it out as soon as we can!

In other news, I've been updating our YouTube channel with a new series of videos. Short 5-10 minute ones called "You've Got 5 Minutes" - it's essentially myself sitting down with games I may or may not have played before and giving them 5 minutes of my time for them to wow me and maybe even wow you too! It's usually a video a day but I forgot to do one today, so I'll maybe get two done for tomorrow!

I'll hopefully get back to review articles when there's stuff out I'm interested in playing, but for now keep your eyes on @StupidlyEpic on twitter for all things to do with our site like podcasts, RayG's animations and stuff. You can also follow myself @D2FXPrime for my personal over-opinionated tweetings and/or @D2FXRayG for RayG's retweets on interesting posts he's reading around the web!

Thanks for your patience guys, it's that time of the year though when there isn't much happening - both in the game world and in our lives in general.

Posted on 01 Mar 2015 by Prime
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late review (PS3)
Yo guys, there was a lot of stuff in the review I felt I should SHOW rather than try in vain to explain, so I decided to record like, 16 minutes of footage with me speaking about the systems and characters in the game.

I think for my first video review, this went about as well as could be expected considering it was obviously unscripted. The game's good - great responsive movements and attacks, with the only real shortcomings being that the characters don't feel unique in a way that other games manage to accomplish. Motions for special moves seem to be copied and pasted from one character to the next, meaning that the only way a character is unique is through complex gameplay mechanisms like frame data and hitboxes, rather than feeling different to play between each character. One of the things I enjoy about fighting games is picking up a character and learning that character - but in this game, executing their moves is pretty much a standardized list of motions across all characters.

The only other thing is that the game seems to be one of these generic middle-tier Anime fighters either especially for people who are TOTALLY into them, you know, alongside something like Arcana Heart, Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure or XBlaze, you know? The kind of games you'd see EVERYWHERE in a Japanese arcade. It's also the kind of game you play when you want something different. You're sick to death of Street Fighter or King of Fighters and you just want something else for a change. This is that game. It's not going to stand out for you unless you get totally and fully immersed in all it has to offer.

That being said though, the thing that makes fighting games fun and replayable is here. Arcade and multiplayer, both online and offline are here so if you're dedicated to these kinds of games (you know who you are) then you'll buy this regardless of my thoughts on it. If you're looking for something new and shiny to pass the time with, I don't know how long this will keep you hooked for, but it's certainly here and variety is the spice of life as they say.

My only real gripe is the lack of a tutorial to explain all of the game's systems in detail. Guilty Gear Xrd's tutorial was amazing and it attuned me to so many systems I hadn't even noticed were in previous entries to the series. This game could have done with something like that. This isn't the arcades in Japan. We're in Europe and America, and most of us haven't even heard of this game, let alone played it. Just a wee tutorial could have fixed that.

Great Character designs with awesome looking movesets and animations.
Sound effects are epic and music while slightly generic is pretty bad-ass.

Broad, sweeping system where all characters control very similarly via their movesets.
Systems need a bit of explanation.

Thanks for watching guys, and if you have anything to add - for example, if you know what the Diamonds are for down the bottom of the screen or if you think I missed something important to the game itself, please do let me know!
Posted on 01 Mar 2015 by Prime
Guilty Gear Xrd - December 16th (US/PSN)
So guys, the long wait is finally over. Guilty Gear Xrd is being released on the US PSN on Tuesday the 16th of December. I'm in lowly Europe, so we don't get any word about when the game will be released here for another 25 billion years. But hey, I decided to resurrect my US account to grab the game early (early for Europe, at least.) - I've been waiting for this game since it's announcement back in May 2013.

I've actually been waiting on a legit new entry to Guilty Gear since 2004, but I'm digressing here. Guilty Gear has been my fave fighting game series since it first came out in 1998 on PS1 thanks to the heavy metal soundtracks and insane level of gameplay depth. The character designs and world they're in is completely awesome in every regard too.

We should take a look back at the game's trailers in anticipation of the game's English release on Tuesday!


Who's with me? I'm no pro at fighting games, but I NEED this game. I need to play it as soon as I can, anyone out there who wants to add me to PSN for a fight, please do. My PSN is "Primebuster". I'll be playing the game on PS4 - Whether I win or lose I know I'm going to thoroughly enjoy this game.

Posted on 14 Dec 2014 by Prime

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