The problem with online games: Competition without Fun
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Hey folks, I woke up this morning and this topic popped into my head so here I am writing about it. First of all I'd like to clarify the title - competition can indeed be fun, and indeed I feel the soul of online games IS competition - but I also feel that the spirit of competition is a passion for the contest. Bringing the two or more players together in respectful and overall fun experience.

I feel that we as gamers, especially in an online capacity tend to forget the point in games is they're there so we can all enjoy them and have a good time. Now with that being said, there's no reason to deny ones self the enjoyment of practice and diligence to be more skilled and learned in the mechanics of the game. But should that automatically disqualify the less diligent in being able to enjoy themselves? I mean they bought the game too, don't they have every right to enjoy something they paid to enjoy? Or is that only for the people with the patience and skill required to learn the game?

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Posted on 07 May 2015 by Prime
Just Cause 3, Mad Max
Guys, Avalanche Studios has this open world crazy fun sandbox-style stuff DOWN! Fair enough, GTA is all well written and po-faced and blah-de-blah and Saints Row is all silly in storytelling but when it comes down to it, is just GTA in its moment to moment gameplay. Just Cause and Mad Max look like they're just going to be crazy fun filled sandboxes first and foremost. Screw the story if you can PLAY it and its always amazing, epic fun!

Just Cause 3 looks to further the formula that Just Cause 1 and 2 brought. Better visuals and much more grand scale destruction!

Mad Max looks like the 3rd Person Fallout game I've always wanted to play. (Fallout 3/New Vegas are both Fantastic by the way but I LOVE 3rd person games so much more!)

The real question is, what am I more excited for? The post apocalyptic wasteland of Mad Max or the colourful vibrant island shown in Just Cause 3?

I'll buy both - Day One.
Posted on 28 Apr 2015 by Prime
Mortal Kombat X - Video Review
It's finally here! Hey guys welcome back, Prime here with my first video review using PS4's ShareFactory app. Sorry for the occasional clicking and crackling in the audio. It wasn't my mic though so that along with a little delay in the commentary must be a problem with how ShareFactory exports the completed footage. Sounds a bit "wobbly" as well, I dunno. I don't have a proper way to edit on PC, so ShareFactory is as good as I'm going to be able to get it, sorry again!

I hope you enjoy either way though! Thanks for checking out the video and I'll most likely have a more in-depth text based analysis on in a day or two!

Posted on 17 Apr 2015 by Prime
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Trailer)
Yeah, yeah, I know all trailers are evil. Especially ones that are all CG and flashy and special-effecty. This is a new Deus Ex though, and if you know me, you'll know Human Revolution was one of my fave games of last generation. Slick gameplay, deep customization and variable paths through each area meant a whole heck of a lot of replay value. The only problem it had was it boiled down everything you did in the game to the press of a button at the end. Let's hope they don't make the same mistake twice, because if this game is AS good as the last one with a better ending system, that's all I'll need to be happy!

Posted on 08 Apr 2015 by Prime
Mortal Kombat X - Official Launch Trailer
It's coming guys, April 14th for what is shaping up to be a game of the year contender for me! I'm not really feeling the SOAD Chop Suey, but right at the end, Kang's dropkick fatality is one of the Stupidly Epic things ever. And I have to admit, the music plays a little part in its awesomeness.

This IS for 18 year-olds and over, so if you're that age, click through!
Posted on 06 Apr 2015 by Prime

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