Flashback REVIEW

Flashback is a good game.
Posted on 24 Feb 2013 by RayG
NISA Press Event 2013!

Hey folks, the NIS America Press event is currently happening, and I was sent quite a bit of PR stuff relating to THREE PS3 exclusives coming from NISA! Click on the banners above for my articles and check out each game's gallery by clicking the appropriate links below!
Due to the format of some of the files, the gallery images may not have previews, but are still clickable and viewable!

Disgaea Dimension 2: A Brighter Darkness Gallery
The Guided Fate Paradox Gallery
Time and Eternity Gallery

There are also a trailer released for each game!
Disgaea Dimension 2: A Brighter Darkness
The Guided Fate Paradox
Time and Eternity

These 3 games look pretty outstanding, if you like the look of what you see, please by all means fire on over to our forums at retroids.com to join the discussion!

Posted on 22 Feb 2013 by Prime
DmC Devil May Cry Review (PS3/360/PC)

It's been a while folks, I've been streaming a lot lately so this is the first review game I've done in a while, Thanks to Capcom for sending me this title and megathanks to Ninja Theory for developing such an awesome game. For reference I completed the game in my first sitting under the default difficulty setting and it consumed my mind for the whole day while writing this review. Click on the DmC logo above for my review of this incredible experience.

There's a couple of things I didn't have space to touch upon in my visual review. Namely the unlockables, collectibles and challenge stages. The game doesn't simply start and end with the campaign, there are online leaderboards, unlockable skins and a metric feckton of things to find during the game that unlocks artwork in the gallery. I should have made the image a tad bigger to squeeze those facts in, but I'm sure you'll agree the review is already jam-packed with my thoughts as-is.

Hope you enjoy!

Posted on 06 Feb 2013 by Prime

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